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The Human Encounter Institute is a resource for building a culture that respects the dignity of every human person: a culture of authentic dialogue, solidarity, cooperation, and the sharing of human experiences.

We seek to foster the discovery of our shared humanity through a dialogue on human experience as lived by persons and communities throughout the world.

The Institute has presented lectures, seminars, and other presentations dealing with the historical and social presence of Catholic Christian faith. It is now also building platforms on social and interactive media to further cultivate encounter between persons and open, honest, and benevolent human interaction.

The Institute is guided by the Catholic faith, by human reason’s capacity to know the truth, and by the vision of Pope Francis for a new “Culture of Encounter.” It seeks to bring together people of good will from any religious position or condition of human seeking.

The Institute is a place where human beings can learn from one another through sharing their experiences and aspirations for meaning and purpose in life. It is committed to the affirmation of the inalienable value of every human person, the growth of human communities and a culture of encounter and solidarity.

(Formerly Concordia Center)

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